On power



Regardless of the nature of political systems, processes of goverment are always self-corrupting.


On pedantry in art

What distinguishes art from non-art? Possession of:
Artistic intent – it is earnest and descriptive; if it is persuasive then it’s propaganda, if commentary – parody
Handcrafting – if not it’s manufacture
Uniqueness – else it is craft
Lack of utility – otherwise it is design
Self-containment – if it is place-specific then it is mere decoration
Timelessness – if it is merely topical then it’s journalism
Expressiveness – if it does not convey emotion then it is literature

On moral philosophy

Unable to denounce deviations from an abstract moral code, the philosopher is now reduced to pointing out deviations from the subject’s own. Such examples are always plentiful because all moral codes are unrooted from reality.

On moral superiuority

Modern left-wing intellectual thought today fetishizes weakness and victimhood as morally superior to power and strength, ironically harkening back to the foundations of the Christian mortality which it so vehemently rejects in all other aspects, excepting perhaps only their shared distaste for profit.