I am an equal-opportunity and unaligned curmudgeon. I launched this blog, after much soul-searching on the need for yet more voices in this wilderness, because of growing frustration with the quality of discourse and because of the many irrational policy directions taken by successive leaderships of my homeland — the United States — in order to advance empirically derived positions in policy-making and assail decisions based on ideology, political correctness and moral philosophies unrooted from reality.

Still, Epicurus say: life is short, don’t waste it all on business, and hence I expect that some comments will creep in on taste and culture.

This blog shall remain anonymous because my work prevents me from freely discussing many of these issues. Because I do not relish the extremes of discourtesy so prevalent in online conversations, comments will be closed for many posts and the rest will be curated at my discretion. Posts related to ideas directly or otherwise inspired by books will contain citations only when I deem them appropriate and I recollect their details. Most posts are meant to be observations to provoke thought rather than closely argued proofs of defined positions. Because much of my commentary will rely on free association of disparate ideas, citations to books or online posts may not always be possible.

I am always happy to engage in civil conversation about topics that I raise, and for this you can contact me at the address below. I will respect your anonymity if you so indicate in your communications.

With respect, as ever, your practical philosopher,

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