It behooves class warriors of every stripe to bear in mind the lessons we have learned from the great post-war European experiment in redistribution. 

European nations, lately mostly excepting the United Kingdom, accepting the socialistic premise that benefits to economic players are essentially zero-sum, enshrined a grand bargain that protects the privileges and lion’s share of returns of the established elites at the cost of sharing a set portion of their pie with the working class. The ugly underside of this agreement, since the old working class is no longer so incentivized, is the need for an immigrant underclass to bear the brunt of undesirable work and the greatest economic uncertainty and pain. 

The old working class, thus bought off, has predictably become mostly politically quiescent. It remains to be seen how the rising tensions with the mostly Islamic new underclass are going to play out over the coming decades, but the indications are, today, not too encouraging.