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Whenever we are subjected to a new bout of technocratic regulationism in the name of greater efficiency or moral correctness — whether it stems from bureaucratic self-servingness or ideologues’ delusions of omniscience — it behooves us to remember the sad fate all such initiatives to date, whether they were as large and sweeping as the Russian Revolution, that last great paroxysm of romantic ideology, or merely the dressed up doctrines concocted by powerful interest groups as universal truths, they all aim to fit facts to the Procrustean bed of favored theory and sweep the inconvenient details under the rug. Still, the devil is not merely in the details of such undertakings, but in the very nature of our human ability to closely manage, or even fully understand, phenomena of such complexity as our economy, the planetary climate or even the direction of the arrow of history, all as impossible to predict as next week’s weather.