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Entropy affects even the nature of status in human affairs. Consider, what once was a noble landowner, today is a seedy landlord — or, at best, a salt-of-the-earth hayseed. An aristocrat of the sword is now a brave but unthinking soldier, a prince of the church — a demagogue of hayseeds, a hunter — once the sport of kings — a redneck, king — a politician. Even such mundane pursuits as golf, once the preserve of gentry, is now owned by the salesman; gourmandizing has morphed into foodie-ism; all are lowered as their avocations are proletarianized. It is no surprise then that children worship overpaid chasers of little balls and entertainers as role models. In many ways then, the perfect tragic hero — today’s Othello — is thus OJ Simpson, with his celebrity — the utter approbation — and his tragic flaw, as well as his ultimate oblivion at the hands of the novelty-seeking media.