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In the new asceticism all pursuits are tinged with sin and guilt: from consumption of energy by industry and transport — decried for causing global warming — to even simple eating, laden as it is with the full moral weight of carbon-neutral, organic, goose-liver-free and dolphin-safe locavorism. Only sex seems immune from the new morality, so far, particularly if it is of the non-traditional variety.

This over-heightened ethicism seems mostly to serve as class marker of the hybrid-driving intelligentisia, designed to segregate its members much in the way of older dietary exceptionalism, such as for instance kosher and halal requirements. All that remains is to add elective mutilation to complete the picture, such as circumcision, or better still, nasectomy so that the proud member of the exalted class can wear his distinction on his very face — but wait, we for that we have the ever-popular tattoo.