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I am struck by the resemblance of the anthropogenic global-warming movement to medieval Christianity. It has its Scripture, irrefutable by fact or observation and vile heresy to question. It has its sainted Pope in the person of Al Gore, its martyrs, hermits, pilgrims to the sacred Parks for their Communion with the Sacred Nature, sinners, bearded, wild-eyed old-timey prophets with staffs and sandals, its Sacrifice, ascetics, nigh doomsday prophecy with calls for due repentance. It has a Satan, played by industry (especially American), dens of iniquity (the SUVs), reliquaries (Prius and, for the richer, Tesla). It even has indulgences — those ever-virtuous carbon offsets — whose purchase surely must absolve the sinner. It has theology in climate science, monastical endowments for climate study, an Inquisition in the media and blogosphere for hounding of heretics. All that is missing is the Christ, redeeming the benighted masses by being martyred for the sacred cause.